2016 May – Democratic Party

Jess Durfee

Topic of the Talk: Democratic Party by Jess Durfee

Jess Durfee is a Democratic National Committee Member, Chair-Emeritus of the San Diego County Democratic Party, Lead-Chair of the Voter Services Committee of the California Democratic Party; California State Fair Board Member; Qualcomm Stadium Advisory Board Member for the City of San Diego.  He has been engaged in Democratic Party politics and LGBT activism for over 29 years, the past 20 of those in San Diego.  He is the only elected member of the DNC in Southern California who does not live in Los Angeles County.

He is one of California’s 20 elected Democratic National Committee members and he discussed how State party is structured and how it ties into the local Democratic clubs.  The Democratic National Committee runs the party in between conventions.  During the 4 days of convention the delegates run the party.  There will another election for 20 Democratic National Committee members (10 female/10 male) in June at the Executive Board meeting.   California has the most Democratic National Committee members and New York has only 13.

The California Democratic Party conducts endorsements, adopts a platform, promotes the party, and appoints leaders to the assembly.  It consists of DNC members, an executive board, constitutional officers, standing committees, county central committee reps and assembly district reps.

The San Diego County Democratic Party is divided into 4 areas, north, central, east and south.  They give reciprocity regarding candidate endorsements.  Area recommendations are almost always followed.